Construction Schedule Map

Below is the expected schedule for the next six weeks of construction for Sea Ranch Connect. There are multiple steps to getting the infrastructure installed in the community before the need to coordinate the fiber and electronics in subscribers' homes. Use this page as a guide, but realize there are many factors that can alter the schedule. This page will reflect what is expected and will be updated if significant changes occur. Please check the Project Status page for the latest updates on field teams.

In-Home Fiber and Gateway Installations

In-Home Fiber and Gateway Installations Schedule Map

  • Unit 2, 11A, 11B1, 11B2 - July 10 - July 31
  • Unit 31 (West of Highway 1), 6, 15 - July 10 - July 31
  • Unit 31 (East of Highway 1) - July 13 - July 29

Internet Service Activation

The Sea Ranch Connect network is now live! The north end of the community now has connectivity to the internet. Home conduit and in-home installations are on-going in areas south of Bluff Reach. Refer to the schedule above for details on what areas are open. Installations going forward will be activated on the internet as their in-home fiber and gateway are installed.