This Week's Activities January 06, 2017

There are now over 600 Sea Ranch residences using Sea Ranch Connect to connect to the internet and more being activated everyday!

Starting January 9th conduit and in-home installations will begin south of Bluff Reach. Going forward as installations are completed internet services will be activated. To see the latest project schedule and know what to expect visit the construction schedule.

Schedule Your Install

Install teams are currently taking appointments for units 29A, 36A, 18, 18B, 19 and all of 21. Please make sure to schedule your installations now as teams are moving south quickly. You can also order Sea Ranch Connect Telephone service at the same time. If you live in one of these areas and have not yet scheduled your appointment for an in-home installation, click the Schedule Install button below!

Schedule Install

Units 14, 20 and 30 will be receiving an email next week to schedule install appointments. Please keep a look out for the email in your inbox!

Sea Ranch Connect Telephone service is now being rolled out for subscribers who ordered a new telephone number! Those subscribers who requested and existing telephone number to be ported will receive information from provisioning when the completion of the porting process is completed. The porting process can take several weeks to complete. Remember not to disconnect your existing service until your Sea Ranch Connect Telephone has been activated.

The My Account button, located at the top right of the Sea Ranch Connect page, allows you to access and manage your Sea Ranch Connect account details. You can review your billing statements, payment information, and more.

If you opted for Sea Ranch Connect Telephone the Telephone Service Portal is an advanced system which allows you to access and control your Sea Ranch Connect Telephone account for almost everything. You can access call logs, manage features such as enhanced voicemail, ring timer, speed dial manager, phone book, enhanced call forwarding and more.

See a list of the top 10 most common and frequently asked questions by Sea Ranch Connect subscribers.