Network Construction February 03, 2017

Keep in mind the weather conditions may impact work in some areas slowing down the construction crews. Please be patient with our field teams as we are made to be flexible with construction schedules.

Schedule Your Install Today!

Get your in-home installation appointment schedule today if you’re a Sea Rancher who resides in Units 7, 14, 17, 18, 18B, 19, 20, 25, 30, 30A, 30B, 30C, and 36A. To schedule your appointment, click the Schedule Install button below. Don’t wait otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a later installation date. And don’t forget to order Sea Ranch Connect Telephone service while scheduling your appointment.

Schedule Install

For residents in Units 21 and 29A who were not able to get an appointment scheduled, your areas will be made available for appointments later this spring after other units have been completed.

Sea Ranch Connect Telephone service is being rolled out for subscribers who ordered a new Telephone number! For those subscribers who requested and existing Telephone number to be ported you will receive information from provisioning when the completion of the porting process is completed. The porting process can take several weeks to complete. Remember not to disconnect your existing service until your Sea Ranch Connect Telephone has been activated.

To review billing statements, payment information and more, the My Account button located at the top right of the Sea Ranch Connect page, allows you to access and manage your Sea Ranch Connect account details.

If you opted for Sea Ranch Connect Telephone the Telephone Service Portal is an advanced system which allows you to access and control your Sea Ranch Connect Telephone account for almost everything. You can access call logs, manage features such as enhanced voicemail, ring timer, speed dial manager, phone book, enhanced call forwarding and more.

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