Important Deadlines June 09, 2017

Subscription Deadline: June 10th

June 10th, 2017 will be the last day Sea Ranch Connect will accept new subscribers under the construction contract. SRC will always be accepting new subscribers, however, after June 10th new home subscriptions will not be included in the construction contract. This means members will need to pay for their home installations, including the run from the street side connection box to the home and the in-home installation. If you have subscribed, but have not yet set your in-home installation appointment this does not effect you. If you have not subscribed and would like to take advantage of the savings that are available to you, please subscribe now.

Final In-Home Installation Deadline: August 16th

July 14th through August 16th, will be the last opportunity for any Sea Ranch Connect subscribers to installed and connected! After this open install period your home installation could incur additional charges as the Sea Ranch Connect free installation period will be ending. This is for all Sea Ranch residents who have not yet scheduled an installation of their in-home equipment and completing the connection process. To take advantage of the savings, please schedule your install.

Schedule Your Install

For those Sea Ranchers who live in units 2, 11A, 11B1, 11B2, 31 (West of Highway 1), 6 and 15 you can schedule your in-home installation. To get your appointment scheduled, click the Schedule Install button below. You can also order Sea Ranch Connect Telephone service as you schedule your appointment!

Schedule Install

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