Sea Ranch Connect Internet

The Sea Ranch Connect will initially provide two services—Internet Service and Telephone Service. You will need to subscribe to the Internet Service in order to subscribe to the Telephone Service.

Sea Ranch Connect Internet is a high speed reliable state-of-the-art internet service that is essential for a 21st century community. Sea Ranch Connect is an optical fiber network installed to the curb of every house, lot and business on The Sea Ranch. This service will provide a reliable communications network critically needed be all Sea Ranch residents. This project was developed and is owned by The Sea Ranch Association.

After the initial service is launched, Sea Ranch Connect may offer additional services at The Sea Ranch members discretion. Additional services could include television, home security, utilities monitoring, and others have been discussed, and will be evaluated as candidates. As we learn about other features we can offer, we will add them. If you don't see a feature you're interested in, please email Sea Ranch Connect at

  • Sea Ranch Connect Internet
  • $70 /month
  • No caps on bandwidth
  • No throttling of speeds
  • No limit of on amount of data you can transmit each month
  • Long term investment—50 year life
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What makes Sea Ranch Connect Internet different?

Unique Features

  • 50 Mbps (megabits per second) connection to the internet with speeds up to 50 Mbps for both uploads to the internet and downloads from the internet.
  • No limit on the amount of data you can transmit each month.
  • Fiber gateway with capability to provide LAN connections and optional WiFi.
  • Option to have a static IP address.
  • Assistance with email setup through an email account provider.


  • Residential fiber “modems,” known as gateways, are far more reliable than DSL or cable equipment.
  • FTTH systems use new infrastructure instead of cannibalizing older wiring for internet, like DSL or cable.
  • Extreme weather changes in the seasons like extreme temperatures do not affect the fiber. Fiber does not corrode over time like existing communication systems.


  • Provides a high performance, high reliability communications network critically needed by all community residents.
  • Provides additional revenue to The Sea Ranch Association once construction loans are paid off.
  • Real estate values will benefit from high speed and reliable internet access.
  • FTTH systems are state-of-the-art and scale to higher speeds in the future.