Sea Ranch Connect Sign-Up

Sea Ranch Connect Offers

Internet Download & Upload Speed up to 50 Mbps, for Only $70 /month!

  • With No Bandwidth Caps or Bandwidth Constraints

Flat-Rate Telephone Service! Only $25 /month!

  • Use Your Existing Number
  • Free Unlimited Calling to U.S. & Canada
  • Available Only for Internet Subscribers

Free Network Installation—Savings of Over $1000!

  • Fiber Installation to Your Home
  • Installation of In-Home Network Gateway (Router)

The first step to get Sea Ranch Connect Service is to complete your Subscription and Connection Authorization agreement. This is different than the Intent to Subscribe agreement. If you already completed an Intent to Subscribe agreement you need to take the next step and complete the Subscription and Connection Authorization below. Once you click on the link below you will be need to complete your information subscription information and preferences for the installation of the outside portion of the network in the area of your home. Submission of this Subscription and Connection Authorization agreement is your commitment to subscribe to the SRC Internet Service for 24 months starting from the date the service becomes available (estimated to be in the second half of 2016). It also provides your consent for Sea Ranch Connect and its contractors to have access to your grounds to do the necessary installation work.

Complete your Subscription and Connection Authorization Agreement