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Easy Telephone Ordering Process

Experience Sea Ranch Connect Telephone service. It's simple and easy to use.

Signing-up for Sea Ranch Telephone is simple. Just go to the Sea Ranch Connect website and select the Order Equipment step of the ordering process. It's okay if you have already ordered your equipment, ordering telephone service can be done anytime and will be added to your existing account.

1. Ordering

  1. During the ordering process check the box that says you want Sea Ranch Connect Telephone.
  2. Select if you wish to have a new telephone number or wish to move your existing number to Sea Ranch Connect.
    1. New Number
      • Free! One new number included in all new signups.
      • Takes just a few days to activate.
      • Local Sea Ranch number.
    2. Move (Known as Porting) Existing Number(s)
      • Costs $25 per number.
      • Requires information from existing carrier(s).
      • Process can take 3-4 weeks to complete.
  3. Once you have completed the details around your number selection you will need to enter information for emergency response when 911 is dialed.
  4. Upon verifying your 911 address details you will be asked to complete the rest of the ordering process and submit your order.

2. Provisioning

  1. 911 Safety Verification
    As your order is processed you will receive an email from our Provisioning team to verify the 911 details you entered. You will need to respond that the information in the email is correct or your order for telephone service will not be completed.
    1. New Telephone Number
      You will recieve an email from Provisioning with details on your number prior to service activation.
    2. Ported Number(s)
      Porting telephone numbers from existing service carriers can take several weeks depending on the carrier. You will receive email(s) from Provisioning as the transfer is processed. Once Provisioning receives a date when we can take over as carrier we will inform you of the expected date of the switch.

3. Activation

  1. Once your Sea Ranch Connect Internet service is activated your selected telephone services will be available. Please note that if you choose to port an existing number it could take longer for telephone service to be activated.
  2. To use your new telephone service connect a telephone using a standard phone cable to phone port 1 on your gateway. Feel free to make calls immediately.

It is very important not to cancel, or close, your existing telephone service until your Sea Ranch Connect telephone service is activated, all the phone number ports are completed (if applicable), and you are satisfied with the service.